Factory rental Service

For any business, the money invested must bring a lot of return for them. Typically, foreign enterprises often choose the service of factory for rent to start developing production. Not only a safety measure but also a cost-saving measure, choosing factory rental service is also a form of helping businesses learn more about the host country’s environment to make investment decisions.
On the other hand, due to the legal procedures when building a new factory and putting it into production is often very time consuming. Therefore, choosing a rental factory will help businesses minimize or support all legal procedures from the lessor. Currently, factories for rent are very interested by businesses. The factory model is becoming more and more modern, ensuring businesses have the most efficient production environment.

Understanding the essential needs of the market, in recent years, in addition to construction and installation work, Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company No. 18.5 has actively promoted investment in the construction of factories and warehouses. rental yard. Comprehensive combination of solid and synchronous infrastructure; Factories and warehouses are located in convenient locations for goods transshipment and near residential areas, meeting the needs of continuous production, using more cost-effectively and economically for businesses. . In addition, other convenient services are always guaranteed by Licogi 18.5:

  • 24/7 security, safety and stability protection system for production and all employees.
  • Electricity and water networks are provided continuously. In the event of a power outage according to the state’s plan, the enterprise is fully informed.
  • Flexibility in the process of choosing to rent utility services as well as liquidate services.

To know more about Licogi 18.5‘s factory system, warehouse and accompanying support services,

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