Civil and Industrial works

Over the years, when the domestic and foreign economies always have continuous development steps, the speed of urbanization takes place every day, the demand for infrastructure, permanent and semi-permanent housing is also growing. Construction – finishing of civil and industrial works is one of our key areas of activity.

LICOGI 18.5 with many years of experience in construction management, project management, design, organization, supervision,… has built many large and small projects to ensure construction progress and international standards. We are committed to every product starting from trust and ending with customer satisfaction. We have been working hard every day to gain credibility and will always be a reputable choice for our customers.

Some typical projects in the field of construction – completion of civil and industrial works of LICOGI 18.5:

  • Regalia Gold Hotel Nha Trang (5-star Hotel, 43 floors);
  • High-class apartment building N03-T7, Diplomatic Corps area (Hanoi); High-class apartment building N03-T6 in Diplomatic Corps area (Hanoi);
  • Children’s Cultural Palace of Da Nang City (Da Nang);
  • FPT University (Hanoi); Delta Lecture Hall of FPT University (Hanoi); Dorm G and Dorm H – FPT University (Hanoi);…
  • Construction and installation of Beta building under FPT Middle School and High School project (Hai Phong);
  • Headquarters of the Committee for Ethnic Minorities 21 floors – 3 basements (Hanoi);
  • Defense Academy apartment 31 floors – 2 basements;
  • Construction, renovation and installation of equipment for National Convention Center, International Convention Center (Hanoi);
  • Vietnam Space Center (Hanoi); Soc Son Tax Department (Hanoi); Chuong My Electrical Power Company (Hanoi); Infrastructure of Villa project Quang Hanh, Cam Pha (Quang Ninh);…
  • The high school has many grades TH School (Hanoi);…


Regalia Gold Hotel Nha Trang (5-star Hotel)

N03-T6 High-class apartment building 

N03-T7 High-class apartment building 

Dorm G and Dorm H – FPT University (Hanoi)

Children’s Cultural Palace of Da Nang City